President's Call Webinar

Presented by 

Frank Milner

President, Tutor Doctor

Wondering if this webinar is for you? If you're looking for a new opportunity that makes a profit and makes a difference in people's lives, this webinar is for you!

I'll be discussing topics that are most popular amongst those interested in owning a Tutor Doctor franchise and why I am so passionate about Tutor Doctor.

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar!


It was easy to fall in love with Tutor Doctor because of the positive impact they have on students and families. They really make a difference.

Jon-Anthony Lui

Tutor Doctor Franchise Owner, Canada

My future is my own now, but with Tutor Doctor I'm guaranteed a great company with truly decent people.

Alex Scotchbrook

Tutor Doctor Franchise Owner, UK

From my first conversation with Tutor Doctor's franchise director, through to my extensive research, and up to today, Tutor Doctor has been extremely committed our success.

Chris Lien

Tutor Doctor Franchise Owner, USA

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